Brington and Molesworth sit within the ‘Northern Wolds Landscape Character Area’.
The Northern Wolds are the highest land in the District and they are formed of glacial till on overlying rock. Ridges have been formed by streams that have eroded pronounced valleys. The area is described in the LCA as having a harmonious character and relative tranquillity.
Each of the small villages are of approximately equal size. Each has its own distinctive listed stone church and some other listed buildings, together with a modest amount of modern development.
  • A strong topography of ridges bisected by pronounced valleys
  • Valleys are well vegetated and intimate in scale, while ridges/plateaux feel more open
  • An historic landscape, containing many medieval features
  • Dispersed pattern of historic villages, with little modern development
  • Distinctive church towers topped with spires form characteristic landmarks
The churches are all Grade II*. The Brington church built with a distinctive tall stone spires.
The boundaries of the Conservation Areas of Molesworth are listed as heritage areas.
The Molesworth Conservation area includes many of the fields around the village.
Molesworth air base is on a plateau area to the north of Molesworth village. It has no active runway.
Brington and Molesworth is a historic community that was formed under combining of the Parish of Brington and Molesworth Order, 1974. The latest elections took place on the 8th May 2018 with the newly formed Councils first meeting taking place on the 16th May 2018.
The Parish Council meets on the 1st Thursday of the month. The Parish Council then delegates its duties to the Committees:

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