Molesworth mince pies and mulled wine party

Mince pies and Mulled wine party
Stories around the fire

1st Brington and Molesworth Scouts

Once again Brington and Molesworth Cubs & Scouts displayed a diverse range of talents in the 2018 Talent Show. Acts featured both solo and group songs, dances and other skills. Well done to all!

Miss Clark’s Cooking School
Kazoo Orchestra
The Kazoo Orchestra
A novelty group formed by Harry and Alistair and featuring several members from the Scouts and Cubs group. The Kazoo Orchestra performed kazoo renditions of Christmas songs. Terribly brilliant!


Molesworth Christmas Wreath making 30-11-18

Whether you picked an elaborate floral concept or a traditional inspiration, all the bases were covered for you to make your Christmas wreath!

Sarah and her happy band of Elf-ers (Champagne fueled), had spent time collecting and gathering a multitude of materials to allow the wreath makers to create a homemade wreath for doors or Christmas table.

Under Sarah’s careful guidance, makers were joyously beavering away, weaving their poses into a “tightly” closed rings.

A local resident noted:-

“I may need to give it a trim once I get home”!

“It’s all gone a little bushy”

“I feel rather embarrassed hanging this from my front knocker”  (maybe one for the back door, where only the husband will see)!!

Well Done to Sarah and the Team!!!



Parish Council Meeting which will be held on Thursday 6 December 2018 at 7.15pm at Brington School

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