181004 BMPC Approved Risk Management Policy


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Adopted for Brington & Molesworth Parish Council. 4 October 2018
Brington & Molesworth Parish Council Risk Assessment
Controls (bold indicates areas where work is needed)
Protection of physical assets
Assets register is maintained. “Outdoor” physical assets are subject to regular checks as part of the parish risk assessment programme.
Play area regular checks are carried and documented appropriately.
The Clerk’s office equipment is checked on an almost daily basis.
Ongoing review of risk and adequacy of insurance cover to cover all physical assets.
Security and maintenance of buildings.
The parish council does not own any buildings.
Parish Council funds are held by HSBC Bank in an account design specifically to satisfy the requirements of local councils.
Risk of consequential loss of income
Main income is from the precept.
Loss of cash through theft or dishonesty
The parish council does not deal with cash payments
Financial controls and records
Quarterly bank reconciliations prepared by Clerk/RFO and reported to Council together with cash book (this exceeds legal requirements). All receipts and payments are published on the agenda and confirmed in the minutes. Two signatories required for authorisation of all payments. Payments are made by cheques/online. Clerk/RFO & Council ensure compliance with robust financial regulations. Internal and external audit.