Brington and Molesworth Parish Council News

The new Parish Council members have been working very hard since May.

We are close to completing an agreement with Campbell Buchanan to provide a community area in All Saints Church, Brington.

We have prepared a bid, and will be presenting our proposals to CCC in December, for speed reduction/traffic calming in Brington High Street. This will especially benefit the school.

We have also agreed to support in part a Nature Reserve project at Brington CoE Primary School.

In addition we have limited funds available from the Community Infrastructure Levy, to be spent on supporting development of the parish. We therefore invite villagers of Molesworth and Brington to suggest any ideas or projects that could benefit both communities in areas such as:-


Sustainable Transport

Open Space, Green Infrastructure and the Environment

Health and Social Care

Funding Social Groups

Emergency Services eg Defibrillators

Improvements fo Community Facilities

Highway Improvements

Please e-mail your suggestions to:

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